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Announcements: School Association Update


School Association Update


‚ÄčOn the 5th of May we had our AGM and election of office bearers.  We have had a couple of changes and welcome some new people.  Holly leaves us as a staff rep, Sharon Blyth as a parent rep and Toni as the FIAAI rep.  The new line up is:

Chairperson:                Liz Grimshaw
Secretary:                     Dyan Summers
Principal:                      Jan Schibrowski
Council Rep:                Carol Cox
Parent Reps:                 Liz Grimshaw
                                    Sonya Judges
P&F Rep:                      Rosemary Walker
FIAAI Rep:                    Maxine Roughley
Community Reps:        David Dunn
                                    Dyan Summers
Staff Reps:                    Youdit Deane
                                    Gary Sykes
Please contact any of the Association members or come to our next meeting on Monday 1st July at 7pm in the staff room at school if you have some ideas to share or issues to discuss.
Liz Grimshaw




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